Things I currently love…



How cute is this teacup, seriously? I found it at eurodif, the temple of cute teasets.


As you maybe know, I study English-language, British and American Literature, culture (and it is one of the reasons I write in English) and one of my new year’s resolutions was to read more books written in English. So I chose one of my favorite stories: Breakfast at Tiffany’s!


Zara home is the perfect shop for cute duvet covers. I found this one with flowers (of course…) and birds but I unfortunately bought a too little one (well done!). Anyway, I still like it.


Have you ever tried Sanoflore products? Organic and quite affordable, I love them! This french brand generally uses flowers, as a consequence the products smell really good. Here are a make-up remover foam made of cornflower, very gentle and leaves your skin fresh and clean and a deodorant which is really fresh. (left: Oysho pyjama/ right: Zara pink scarf)


The famous eau de beauté by Caudalie. I love Caudalie products for their freshness. I use this one after cleaning my face and before using my moisturizing cream. But you can use it as you want: to fix your make-up, to brighten your skin up all day long.


Last but not least, especially for Harry Potter lovers: here’s a youtube channel I discovered and loooove, especially while studying: the sound ambience of different places of Harry’s world recreated, the girl who has this channel is just SO talented.


Wishlist… of my dreams


I’m sure you’ve all a wishlist of your dreams! Beautiful pieces, (unfortunately) very expensive. Tonight, I was chilling on my sofa, and I thought I’d show you them!

So, as my friends may confirm, I’m a coat addict. I have several coats, even if I don’t wear them a lot. Thanks to my first ‘summerjob’ pay, I purchased my first precious coat. Then as you may guess the first thing I would purchase if I had an unlimited budget for shopping would be a BEAUTIFUL Max Mara camel coat. This one might be the coat of my dreams. I remember when I was younger, I used to pass in front of a Max Mara shop to go to school and sometimes when I had time I stopped and just admired the beautiful camel coats.

The second item I would purchase is this GORGEOUS Saint Laurent bag which I could die for… Green velvet and gold details, the perfect bag.

Then, a beautiful white jumper from ACNE. They look sooo comfortable and make me dream for a few years.

Shoes are not my addiction, but these last couple of months I’ve been into it. The other day I discovered these Paul Smith shoes and I was like… Oh my! Aren’t they absolutely gorgeous?

Last but not least, I love beautiful trousers. I find this Mulberry pair amazing, british and so classy.

And you, what’s the wishlist of your dreams?



Il y a quelques semaines, j’ai commandé pour la première fois sur le site internet Vagabond et je ne suis pas déçue ! J’ai souvent acheté des mocassins et ce sont de loin les plus confortables que j’ai pu porter. Légers, ils épousent la forme du pied. Je vous conseille vivement de faire un tour sur le site pendant ces derniers jours de soldes !


Quelques affaires que j’aime beaucoup en ce moment : le dernier Vogue, je trouve la couverture superbe, un carnet déniché au musée d’Orsay, et l’huile prodigieuse Nuxe que je porte l’été. L’odeur me rappelle les journées ensoleillées et la plage !


Romantique dans l’âme, j’ai toujours aimé les intérieurs cosy, douillets, avec des motifs fleuris. Étonnement, ces derniers temps c’est tout le contraire. Je me laisse gagner par la tendance minimaliste et j’ai complètement épuré ma chambre. Au dessus de mon lit, une affiche du bassin aux nymphéas de Monet, également trouvée au musée d’Orsay. Je crois que je ne m’en lasserai jamais. J’ai visité sa maison de Giverny l’année dernière au printemps et je trouve ses tableaux tellement fidèles, j’avais réellement l’impression de me promener au milieu d’un tableau. En espérant que ces quelques photos vous plaisent, je vous dis à bientôt ! 🙂