The perfect shower


These last few months, I’ve really been into Lush products, generally bubble bars or bathbombs. I recieved a sample of Ro’s Argan and I just fell in love! I really liked the Rose Jam bubbleroon for its scent which is just incredible, and Ro’s Argan has the same one. Let me introduce you this product: a body conditioner you use under the shower and rinse it (perfect if you always forget to use your bodycream after the shower, just like me), and made of nourishing argan oil, Brazil nuts oil and sweet almond. As you can guess, a luxurious treatment for you skin which will instantly be silky soft. The scent stays for hours, and will be more intense if you use Rose Jam at the same time (but I don’t know if you still can find it in stores, it was a limited edition for winter time). Rose Jam is such a divine product. I really like its consistency which is like jelly and obviously, is also made of argan oil and Turkish roses. You’ll literally smell like a rose.


I recieved a Sephora gift card and here are the two products I chose: Leonor Greyl divine honey shampoo and a styling cream. For sure the BEST hair products I’ve ever used. When I use the combo, my hair looks like I went to the hairdresser and are so soft and without any unruly lock. The texture and the smell of the shampoo are amazing: smells like honey, looks like honey. Unfortunately the bottle is quite tiny and if you have a lot of hair and need a lot of shampoo, it’s not really « profitable ». But just try it once in your life, you’ll have angel hair!

So, as you can guess the combo of the Lush and Leonor Greyl products will make you spend a luxurious and agreable moment. I really like to do it when I’m tired and need some quality time!


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