Every winter, I usually wear Coco by Chanel. After 4 years, I wanted to change, to find a more uncommon fragrance. A few weeks ago, I discovered « Datura noir » by Serge Lutens. Incredible is the word. Very feminine, subtile, not too sweet. The datura is a hallucinogenic plant, which bewitch you. I swear, you’ll be addicted to this fragrance! I’m totally in love.



I was dreaming about these Météorites pearls by Guerlain for a long time. I decided to yield to temptation when I saw them 20% off. The packaging is just gorgeous and they smell so good, they’re violet scented. Honestly, I don’t see a radical change when I use it, it illuminates the skin but it’s not out of the ordinary. I’m also very interested by the foundation which seems to be, at the contrary, very efficient.



This Chanel lipstick is very dark, like an old red wine, almost purple. The shade is « élégante ». What do you think about it? Would you dare to wear dark shades?


Finally I’ve tried Kiehl’s products! At first, I was a little bit disappointed by the scent of the Ultra Facial Cleanser which is a bit chemical. But it works so well! My favorite cleanser was the Clarins one I mentioned several times but this one leaves your skin fresh, clean and silky smooth. You don’t have an impression of dry skin after using it. Moreover, you don’t need a lot of product so it must last a long time. My skin is really dry these last weeks so I also bought the Ultra Facial Cream and I looove it. Very nourishing, not sticky, melting, it’s a pleasure to use it. The packaging is very simple and I like it.




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