Birthday presents

Two weeks ago, I turned 22 years old. I think I don’t really realize that I’m no longer considered as a child, it’s the beginning of the adult life. I find it quite cool and my opinion on it is very positive, I have so much to discover. Even if at this age we all have some fears, serious, important choices have to be taken and we gradually discover the joy of duties, paperworks,…

When you celebrate your birthday, you always realize how your family and friends know you well. I was so delighted when I saw all these beautiful presents… And so touched.


Stuffed butterflies (didn’t find the exact word so I may be wrong). I know it seems horrible for some people, cruel. I totally understand it, but I’m just fascinated. Since my childhood, I’ve always been interested and fascinated by curiosity cabinets and it just reminds me of them.


Jasmin green tea by Dammann Frères, perfect to start the day if you want something light. I used to drink the Kusmi Tea one, but this one is much more refined and delicate. I don’t know if you can see, but there are jasmin petals in it!




& Other stories Body soufflé & Body Scrub. These products smell soooo gooood, and impregnate your clothes. A floral scent, not too heavy. And the scrub is not too rough, I love the feeling after using it. It’s made of granulated sugar.



Zara earrings, they are so beautiful. I love gold and pearls, perfect combination!

Roger & Gallet « eau bienfaisante », this fragrance is very light and refreshing. This one is made of roses.


Daniel Wellington watch, I wanted one for sooo long. Compared to others, they’re not so expensive and I love their classy style.



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