If you like fresh, floral fragrances with a note of citrus fruits… Chance is for you. I’m sure you’ve seen the advertisement, with these ladies playing bowling, made by Jean-Paul Goude. Obviously it recreates the spirit of this scent: lightness, softness, a hint of playfulness. I really like the simplicity of the bottle.





The MAC « ambre » palette is one of my make-up favorites. I was searching for a nice palette, with neutral tones, easy to wear and longlasting. I got my eyes on the NARS « long hot summer » palette, but didn’t find it in France.

I purchased the 2 first naked palettes a long time ago but I don’t use all the eyeshadows in it: a few were too dark for me! Recently, the black one cracked and… black everywhere, impossible to use it properly. Anyway, I’m in looove. The colors are beautiful, as the texture. A little expensive for a tiny palette (the size of the palm of my hands, more or less) but MAC has done a great job!



Essie nailpolish « Sugar daddy » : a beautiful pinky nude!

Essie nailpolishes are very good products, I’ve never been disappointed! I buy them in Germany, because they’re less expensive than in France (almost half of the price). Kate La Vie‘s collection is my goal haha.

Nyx butter lipgloss « Tres Leches » and Maybelline lipstick « Coffee Craze »

As you may know, Nyx products are very popular because they’re cruelty free, and especially the matte lipsticks (I suppose because of the 90s make-up trend which is back). So I decided to give it a try and I was quite pleasantly suprised. A good pigmentation, texture and longlasting. The second lipstick is a Maybelline one, « Coffe craze »: the perfect browny nude! It also smells incredibly gooood, like coffee with caramel!

Left: Nyx one, Right: Maybelline one



I saw these velvet loafers… As a huge fan of velvet things, I had to buy it. But unfortunately my feet regret it…They’re so painful but I still find them gorgeous haha.


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