Pastel colors


I bought yesterday afternoon this wonderful pastel bunch of flowers which smells so good, it fills my room with its fragrance. For me, buying such a bunch of flowers is exciting, it makes me glad everytime I enter in my room and see it. Peonies and hydrangeas mark the beginning of the summer with sunny days. I can’t wait to go to the beach and I’m currently dreaming about it.



I discovered last week these products from the organic skincare brand « Sanoflore » which are truly amazing. I probably never smelled before products with such a scent. It’s like a peachy rosy fragrance, fresh and not too heady. Once you smell it, believe me, you don’t want to stop. The first product is a moisturizing cream, the packaging is lovely. The texture is very pleasant on the skin and you truly feel that it moisturizes your skin. The second product is a kind of moisturizing lotion, the liquid is a bit thick and once you put it on your skin, it becomes like water. As you can guess it’s very refreshing when you just woke up and your skin is radiant. Moreover, I tried the hydrating mask and after a long day, on a clean skin, just before going to bed, it’s just a real pleasure. Your skin can be a bit sticky after the application. All these products have exactly the same scent, I highly recommend you to give it a try!



Flowers everywhere you can say… but anyway. Here are some Asos shoes I just recieved, I love the color. You can find it here and here.



These two shower gels scent truly like lilac and cherry bloom!



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