N°5 and Coco fragrances by Chanel. « A women who doesn’t wear perfume has no futur » as Gabrielle Chanel said, and I think she was right, the perfume is a part of the identity. Personnally, I prefer Coco, a bit lighter and easier to wear on hot summer days. I always associated N°5 with the image of a strong, feminine women with red lipstick and high heels. – Chanel nailpolish « Dragon »: I love the packaging of Chanel nailpolishes but in my opinion, they don’t last a long time. – Chanel lipstick « Gabrielle »: probably my favorite shade.


Yves Rocher nailpolish « Magnolia »: the shade is amazing, nude and it lasts many days. Cheap and good quality! – Essie nailpolish « allure »: a light cream shade which is gorgeous. « Frenzy » by Chanel: an other nude colour, a really light grey which I like too, but if you don’t like transparent nail polishes you have to apply several layers. – « Dune » by Dior: I usually wear it in autumn or winter. – On the left: H&M necklace, on the right: Ti Sento bracelet I got for my 15th birthday, it’s an italian brand which makes really nice jewellry.


White roses, my favorite.


Micellar lotion by Nuxe, made from rose petals. It leaves a nice, fresh smell on your skin and makes it soft. This little bottle was a gift I got with other products by Nuxe. – Clarins concealer: this product is just AMAZING: it covers your eyes dark circles and your skin look healthy and glowy. – Caudalie « eau fraîche rose de vigne »: so fresh, light and it smells really good! Moreover, not really expensive compared to other brands. – L’occitane « rose » handcream, their handcream smell so good.


« Saint-germain » by MAC: I have this lipstick for a while, and I admit that this colour is really hard to wear, and sometimes I wonder why I bought it… Pretty sure I’m not the only one to make senseless purchases haha. – « Pâtisserie » by Mac: I loooove this lipstick: on this picture it looks a bit dark by it’s lighter in real, the shade is just amazing on the lips, very neutral. « Crème d’nude » by MAC: an other nude lipstick, a bit too light for me I think. The disadvantage with this kind of lipstick: it’s horrible on dried lips, they have to be perfectly hydrated. MAC lipsticks smell so so good, very agreeable. – Chanel vintage long necklace.


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