Strawberry cake


A rainy sunday afternoon is the best moment to bake a cake. I made this one with my mother this afternoon, perfect for the tea-time! This cake is inspired by a recipe from Mimi Thorisson, a stunning french woman who has a blog called « manger ». She’s got a great sense of taste, her blog is just a pure pleasure for the eyes. It will make you hungry for sure! Her cakes make me dream, as the Marie-Antoinette meringues… And remind me of Sofia Coppola’s beautiful movie!


The recipe :

  • cake :
  • 180g of flour
  • 180g of sugar
  • 6 eggs
  • baking powder

Mix the egg yolks with the sugar, the result must be light and form a « ribbon ». Then, beat the egg whites to form stiff peaks. Mix the flour with the baking powder, you can also sift it. Finally, mix all the ingredients gently, and add it progressively.

  • the cream :
  • 300ml of fresh liquid cream
  • 250g of mascarpone
  • vanilla sugar
  • strawberries

Whip the cream to form stiff peaks, add the sugar and then the mascarpone. Cut the strawberries in heartshape, and decorate the cake!





Some details

DSC04763.JPG_effected The fragrance Coco by Chanel is one of my favorite. I tried a lot of perfumes, but I can wear this one in summer and winter, its delicate smell lasts all the day and impregnate pleasantly my clothes. By the way, it’s not too heady for hot weather. – The red lipstick « Gabrielle » by Chanel. This colour is absolutely gorgeous. I really love their lipsticks which moisturize the lips and last several hours. I highly recommand these, even if they’re quite expensive! Its texture is not fat on the lips and generally, doesn’t move. (In the background, some books of the beautiful « collection blanche » by Gallimard, a pleasure to hold it in your hands!)


My second favorite fragrance : « escale à Pondichéry » by Dior. Light and feminine, its smell makes me happy everytime I use it. – The YSL ring my friends offered to me for my 19th birthday. I wanted to buy it for years, and I wear it every single day. – H&M necklace and faux silk scarf.

DSC04738.JPG_effected A little corner of my house. You may notice I’m a flower addict.


Haircare products I recently bought. This shampoo is absolutely amazing. Your hair are so so soft and nourished, and its smell is perfect! – I wanted to try aussie products by never found it in France. I bought this one in Germany. This product is a hair conditioner which smells like candies and cotton candy and makes your hair so clean! – The clarins foundation I use for 5 years now. The only one that covers my blemishes and looks natural. – A clarins skincare I recently bought, it smells incredibly good and leaves your skin amazing! I highly recommand it, it’s also not so expensive compared to others.


Your skin is dry like a croco’s one? This moisturizing cream can be your solution! It smells honey and is a real care. With a daily use, it changes the skin. – You can also use the cleansing gel with the moisturizing cream, to feel like a little bee!


This essie nail polish called « allure » is simple and elegant. One of my favourite!


My desk in my room!