Wood scent and rusty shades of Autumn are finally here! I took advantage of my free-time and the beautiful sunny weather to go for a walk last sunday morning and enjoy this wonderful season.








Penhaligon’s is in my eyes one of the classiest brand ever. The bottles of perfume look vintage, the packaging is beautiful and unique. And the smell, incredible. Honestly, I had never smelled such a fragrance before. Not heady (old perfumes tend to be too strong), but delicate. It almost smells like a refined soap.

My best friend offered to me a beautiful box of miniatures, which permitted me to discover the scent of them. I wanted one for a long time but didn’t dare to order one, since it’s quite expensive. One of my favorites is Artemisia: powdery, floral and fruity, this fragrance is delicate and feminine. The other day, I realised there was sales on the website, it was the occasion to order it, with a rose-scented candle. This latter fills my room with a subtile warm smell, perfect for winter days. Recieving such a parcel made my day.


What is more, this brand was created under Queen Victoria’s reign. If you know me, you know how I’m fascinated by the Victorian Era: culturally, scientifically, socially, politically, it was a groundbreaking moment. This period was a time when lifestyle, decorating, fashion became important so if you love aestheticism and decoration, you’ll be interested. By the way, I’m currently watching the Victoria TV show, and I looove it. I know it’s quite romanticized but my romantic heart succumbed. This TV show is also very pleasant to watch, the house decorations and clothing are remarkable, aswell as the music.





For a long time, I wondered if Diptyque skincare products were as subtile as their fragrances and my answer is YES! I also feared that they weren’t efficient even if they’re quite expensive. I recieved some samples of skincare products a few months ago and just fell in love with this face oil. Infused with flowers and plants, its scent is divine and it will provide you a good hydratation. I use it just before sleeping and massage my skin (I clean it before of course). This moment is even more pleasant when you’re exhausted after a long day and you just need to treat yourself. By the way, if you don’t know how to massage your skin, here’s a good video by Into The Gloss.


Do Son is perfect for spring days. Tuberose, orange blossom, pink pepper and musc: a perfect combo! It’s like a refreshing dive in flowers. Have you ever tried it? What do you think of Diptyque?


Things I currently love…



How cute is this teacup, seriously? I found it at eurodif, the temple of cute teasets.


As you maybe know, I study English-language, British and American Literature, culture (and it is one of the reasons I write in English) and one of my new year’s resolutions was to read more books written in English. So I chose one of my favorite stories: Breakfast at Tiffany’s!


Zara home is the perfect shop for cute duvet covers. I found this one with flowers (of course…) and birds but I unfortunately bought a too little one (well done!). Anyway, I still like it.


Have you ever tried Sanoflore products? Organic and quite affordable, I love them! This french brand generally uses flowers, as a consequence the products smell really good. Here are a make-up remover foam made of cornflower, very gentle and leaves your skin fresh and clean and a deodorant which is really fresh. (left: Oysho pyjama/ right: Zara pink scarf)


The famous eau de beauté by Caudalie. I love Caudalie products for their freshness. I use this one after cleaning my face and before using my moisturizing cream. But you can use it as you want: to fix your make-up, to brighten your skin up all day long.


Last but not least, especially for Harry Potter lovers: here’s a youtube channel I discovered and loooove, especially while studying: the sound ambience of different places of Harry’s world recreated, the girl who has this channel is just SO talented.

The perfect shower


These last few months, I’ve really been into Lush products, generally bubble bars or bathbombs. I recieved a sample of Ro’s Argan and I just fell in love! I really liked the Rose Jam bubbleroon for its scent which is just incredible, and Ro’s Argan has the same one. Let me introduce you this product: a body conditioner you use under the shower and rinse it (perfect if you always forget to use your bodycream after the shower, just like me), and made of nourishing argan oil, Brazil nuts oil and sweet almond. As you can guess, a luxurious treatment for you skin which will instantly be silky soft. The scent stays for hours, and will be more intense if you use Rose Jam at the same time (but I don’t know if you still can find it in stores, it was a limited edition for winter time). Rose Jam is such a divine product. I really like its consistency which is like jelly and obviously, is also made of argan oil and Turkish roses. You’ll literally smell like a rose.


I recieved a Sephora gift card and here are the two products I chose: Leonor Greyl divine honey shampoo and a styling cream. For sure the BEST hair products I’ve ever used. When I use the combo, my hair looks like I went to the hairdresser and are so soft and without any unruly lock. The texture and the smell of the shampoo are amazing: smells like honey, looks like honey. Unfortunately the bottle is quite tiny and if you have a lot of hair and need a lot of shampoo, it’s not really « profitable ». But just try it once in your life, you’ll have angel hair!

So, as you can guess the combo of the Lush and Leonor Greyl products will make you spend a luxurious and agreable moment. I really like to do it when I’m tired and need some quality time!

Beauty bag


What’s currently in my beauty bag?

The double Wear Estée Lauder foundation: These last few weeks I watched a lot of videos on youtude (thanks holidays!) and I heard a lot of positive reviews of this foundation, so I decided to give it a try. This foundation is a VERY GOOD product, it covers everything and I like the texture a lot. It also lasts for hours. The only negative point is that it doesn’t have a little end-piece, so you can’t really control how much you use and you waste it… Anyway, I highly recommend it to you!!!

The Clarins Instant Concealer: I’ve already talked about it in another post, but it has become my favorite one, I use it everyday! If you dark circles like me this one is for you.

The Diorshow iconic mascara: My absolute favorite was the Lancôme Doll Eyes. I also heard a lot of positive comments on this one so I decided to try it and WOW! I really like the curve brush and it catches all your lashes, makes them thicker and longer.

Rose fusion nailpolish by Chanel: a sparkly grey with pink shades, which is wonderful. Not too kitsch and not too loud.

Kiehl’s ultra facial cream: I have a very sensitive skin which is also very dry. I bought it maybe 2 months ago and I use it everyday, every morning and sometimes at night, or I use an oil. This product is really efficient, I love it.

Fresh lipbalm: I bought the mini version of the lipscrub and the lipbalm in limited edition to give them a try, and they became essentials! Every Winter I used to have very dry lips, but not this year thanks to them.

Coco Chanel fragrance: I loooooove this scent. I first wear it 3 or 4 years ago and every year I purchase it again for fall/winter. It’s made from ylang-ylang, orange blossom and mandarin.

Chanel compact power: I think the perfect powder! Quite expensive but it lasts a long time. Unfortunately I’ve broken the little mirror in it.

Rouge coco in « Mademoiselle »: a nude pink shade, I also wear it almost everyday. You can wear it with a intense eye make-up, it would not be too much.

And what’s in yours?